Job Information

Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. Electrician A *starting Pay $39.15 Benefits Day 1* in Woodville, Ohio

ELECTRICIAN CLASS A * Must be a high school graduate or equivalent. * Must have five (5) years experience in plant electrical work. * Must be able to interpret electrical diagrams for circuits, motors, and all other electrical equipment in the plant. * Must be familiar with and able to use all electrical testing equipment used in tracing problems in plant electrical system, and be able to satisfactorily solve these problems using said equipment. * Must have the ability to maintain the different instrumentation equipment. * Must be capable of working without close supervision, and of specifying and installing electrical equipment properly sized so as to conform to good safety practices consistent with use of said equipment near the rated capacity. * Must be willing to assume responsibility for entire electrical projects, consistent with good and safe work practices as are necessary in the electrical trade. * Must maintain good housekeeping in work areas, and obey all safety rules. * Must be cooperative and work well with other groups within the plant. * Must be capable and willing to instruct Class C electrician in the performance in which they are working.Apply here: