Job Information

COUNTY OF WOOD Treasurer Coordinator in WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: GENERAL FUNCTION The purpose of this position is to provide support to the Treasurer's office and to serve as a back up to the Real Property Lister. Responsible for the collection of current and delinquent property taxes, answering taxpayer questions, assisting with tax deeding procedures, administering the lottery credit program and a variety of miscellaneous receipting. In the event that the Real Property Lister is out of the office or busy, this position would process deeds and answer taxpayer questions concerning land ownership and legal descriptions. SUPERVISES No supervisory responsibilities. A. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS 1.Serves as the first point of contact in the Treasurer's Department by providing information to customers at the front counter and callers in a pleasant and professional manner. 2.Collects and receipts current and delinquent taxes, posts information into the computer terminal and mails receipts. 3.Enters deposits from all other county departments into the County's financial software program. 4.Prepares a variety of daily financial reports from the County's financial software program and the tax software program. 5.Provides clerical and administrative assistance to Treasurer's Department staff. 6.Prepares and maintains a list of properties in bankruptcy. Flags the parcels in the tax software system and ensures that tax notifications cease during the timeframe of the bankruptcy proceedings. Responds to bankruptcy court and attorney requests for payoff amounts and information on affected properties. 7.Prepares and maintains the confidential addresses of community members in the Safe-At-Home Program. Collaborates with other County departments on maintaining the confidentiality of the program members. 8.Assists with the daily administration of processing deeds including, but not limited to, reading and mapping legal descriptions, researching property ownership and updating tax records. Serves as back-up to the Real Property Lister. 9.Performs office manager related functions including, but not limited to, mailing weekly expense checks, mailing postponed and delinquent notices, following the banking guidelines and statutes when shredding documents and maintaining a log of these documents. 10.Maintains the Lottery Credit Program information by researching properties for their lottery credit history, checking transfer return deeds, mailing out forms and updating the tax records in the computer. 11.Assists County Treasurer in the lottery credit audit. 12.Under the direction of the County Treasurer, assists in coordinating tax deed sale, researching and contacting adjacent landowners to notify them of sale, posting legal notifications/ publications and maintaining all information on website. 13.Responsible to know and practice the Safety policies of the County. Perform all job tasks in a safe and prescribed manner. B.OTHER DUTIES 1.Posts tax data files monthly on the County Treasurer webpage so they are available to the public. 2.Maintains plat book pages for accuracy for office and public use. 3.Prints mailing labels for public and municipal officials. 4.Processes and maintains address changes in tax software. 5.Responds to public requests for decedent's letter for property dating back to before computer software. 6.Assists in gathering and compiling information for various department projects. 7.Locates property boundaries and clarifies legal descriptions for the public. 8.Maintains and checks out keys for tax deed properties that the County owns to interested parties and the public. Collects and maintains signed waivers from those interested parties who have checked out property keys. 9.Forwards tax payments to the correct entities and if necessary, requests a refund for the overpayment of taxes. 10.Any other duties as may be assigned. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: -Minimum of three years of cash handlin g experience preferred, and the ability to read legal descriptions, or any combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities. -Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality, ability to maintain a pleasant personality while dealing with the public, and ability to maintain composure while under duress. -Everyday living skills are needed, as is the ability to understand and follow oral and written directions. -Must have knowledge of and understand tax and assessment laws and procedures pursuant to Wisconsin State Statutes. -Reading and writing is needed to understand legal descriptions. -Math and bookkeeping skills are essential for collecting taxes and tracing descriptions on a parcel map. Use of measuring instruments is needed as well, for tracing descriptions on a parcel map. -High accuracy on calculator and of data entry is imperative. Basic office equipment is used calculator, scanner, computer, printer, fax machine. Other technical equipment used drafting and measuring devices (scales, compass and protractor). ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: