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KBR LCV Germany: Transportation Coordinator - Contingency Hire in Germany


LCV Germany: Transportation Coordinator - Contingency Hire

Determines specific methods of shipments of a wide range of items from a bottle of aspirin to large LTS's (long-term storage containers) and materiel handling equipment, which often requires special arrangements for cranes, RT Forklifts, MHE and blocking and bracing personnel and equipment. Expedites a wide range of specialized shipments to include specific methods of shipment of freight covered by several codes, supply categories, special requirements e.g. fragile, temperature sensitive, hazardous, classified, security, size, destination, special handling, priority and economy. Uses established procedures and standing route orders to arrange for the shipment of high priority freight for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and domestic freight. Routes shipments via government and commercial truck, vessel, rail or air. Initiates freight release orders, creating vehicle load orders for a variety of modes, recommending changes in routing or mode of transportation for more economical rates, to meet required delivery dates. Determines economical routing based on review of carrier publications, technical guides and tariffs. Considers the urgency of shipments, freight charges, and the availability and speed of carriers prior to making routing/release decisions. Utilizes the applicable tenders and tariffs completing a manual rating process based on freight classification, type of equipment utilized, weight and mileage criteria. After obtaining and verifying applicable rates/governing tariffs, computes freight rate charge of each mode of transportation being considered. Contacts carriers for rates when required or discusses other matters of mutual interest or concern. Reviews automated documentation for all types of shipments taking appropriate action to correct any invalid, void, or missing information. Reviews issue documents for consignee, priority indicator, nature and classification of materials, ensuring shipping data elements (size, weight, cube, classification, etc.) appearing on the documents. Validates shipping documents, such as Government Bill of Lading (GBL) and Transportation Control, AE 68B (military freight warrant, AE 55-355M(old AE302) Customs Clearance Document), Commercial Air Warrant (AWB) and Truck Manifest or Bill of Lading to ensure correctness. Identifies the need for special packing, loading or handling, coordinating the arrangements with other activity personnel, as well as the carrier for these needs. Prepares related documents for shipments having technical requirements (refrigeration, classified, hazardous, high priority, signature service and/or expedited shipments).

NAC-i Required

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