Job Information

Ruvilla Solutions Assistant Project Manager in Twentynine Palms, California

Description/Job Summary

Open/Close Mess Hall Duties including but not limited too:

Maintain/Control Safe - Distribute cash boxes to cashiers, make sure all cashier documentation is filled out every time safe is entered.

Key handler: Keep all freezer/walk in/storage doors locked at all times, make sure all exit/entrance doors are locked before leaving, unlocked when entering.

Start and Handle the POS machines to properly maintain the Mess Halls head count per shift. And/or close out the POS machine during the closing procedures.

Uphold/Abide the CBA/Union rules (For schedules) including but not limited too:

Posting the weekly Ruvilla Schedule 4 days in advance for the next week

Make sure vacation/volunteer sheets/any scheduling paperwork is easy for employees to access and uphold them to make sure all requests are covered accordingly (in schedule)

Make the "Placement Schedules" for the shifts (3 per day). IF there are employees needed (either to cover call offs/ last minute schedule changes) be sure to cover those positions for the operation to run smoothly.

Uphold/Abide the CBA/Union rules (For Disciplines) including but not limited too:

Make sure that disciplinary actions are handled within 4 days of the occurrence, this includes your "investigation" if needed, the discipline typed/printed and the employee notified/signed and use Union if requested by employee.

Make sure that all discrepancies are followed up with: Tardy' s, No Call No Shows, other policy violations etc.

Ruvilla Employees:

Make sure to keep track of all updated phone numbers, address (personal information) etc - pass along to fellow managers to ensure ADP update.

Make sure to keep track of all doctors notes/job restrictions/FMLA paperwork if applicable

Mess Hall Duties (not including previously stated) including but not limited too:

During operational hours, make your rounds on the floor inspecting the flow of the meal. Stay out of Office.

Distribute (not fully responsible, but if needed) food/items/anything needed for the mess hall to be complaint.

Communicate with patrons whilst walking among mess hall (customer service) Along with: handling any customer complaints and/or requests for the time being.

Make sure employees are keeping busy. If there are tasks needed completed, communicate to staff

At the end of each shift, Check every employee out: which means, go over their assigned areas to make sure they have "closed to open". Everything clean/organized/sorted etc. Then either reassign to make sure completion; once done, send home. (this is every employee, every shift)

Inspect all areas of Mess Hall, top to bottom when in facility. Report any and all discrepancies you see to proper personnel.

Communication (not including previously stated) including but not limited too:

Fill out Daily Log with any/all notes and important information for all staff (this is sent out at the end of each day with information including everything on this list)

If the meal is in jeopardy of not being compliant, call other mess halls for missing items to borrow to make yourself compliant for the meal. (Very important)

Inform proper personnel if positions need to be rotated to accommodate business needs (call offs/emergencies/sudden flow of business change)

Direct any/all customer complaints that cannot be handled by yourself immediately to proper personnel.

Follow any and all building policies as directed by the Project Manager, the GM or the DM as required.