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Next Generation Technology, Inc Computer Systems Analysts in Schaumburg, Illinois

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Implement robust quality assurance frameworks, policies, and procedures with the use of QGIS and LiDAR tools, to ensure precise and reliable mapping data for autonomous vehicles, specifically in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Proficient to identify defects and offer steps for issue reproduction and trace the potential impact on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Utilize QGIS and LiDAR for advanced data analysis, identify trends and enhance data accuracy, completeness, and consistency. Identify and address risks to map processes, formulate effective mitigation strategies for compliance with data security and privacy regulations. Execute manual test according to ANSI specifications, collaborate with customer support teams to resolve GIS map quality issues, and ensure strict compliance with industry standards and safety regulations. Assist in the deployment and implementation of information systems. Employ JIRA to track the issue and defect management, utilize various quality management tools (Pareto, Flowchart, Histogram, Scatter Diagram etc) and statistical analysis for robust quality control activities, data analysis, and reporting. Maintain vigilant focus on the security and privacy of GIS mapping data, adhere to data protection regulations and OEM policies. Environment: ADAS, QGIS, LiDAR, JIRA, GIS, Quality management tools - Pareto, Flowchart, Histogram, Scatter Diagram.\ \ Employer will accept a Masters degree in the Computer Science/Business Admin/ engineering (any), C.I.S. or equivalent, plus 1 year of experience.\ \ Relocation is unanticipated depending on the client needs. The frequency of the relocation as well is unknown, as it purely depends on the client requirement. There is no National or international travel involved.