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Caterpillar, Inc. Quality Engineer in Santa Catarina, United States

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Role Definition : Performs advanced inspection and audits to track, analyze, and report on materials, processes, and products to ensure conformance to company's quality standards.


  • Conducting measurement systems analysis; gathering, analyzing, and communicating non-conformance data.

  • Analyzing non-conformance data and maintaining quality system documentation.

  • Participating in and offering technical support to internal and external audits; following up response of corrective action from audit.

  • Interacting with manufacturing team members to determine root cause of quality issues and ensure that corrective and preventive action is implemented.

Skill Descriptors

Quality Management : Knowledge of quality management methods, tools, and techniques and ability to create and support an environment that meets the quality goals of the organization.

Level Working Knowledge:

  • Utilizes quality indicators relevant to own unit or function.

  • Adheres to organizational quality management processes and practices.

  • Applies key aspects of continuous improvement processes and evaluates impact on quality.

  • Uses quality evaluation tools and techniques such as walkthroughs and inspections.

  • Works with quality assurance methods, tools and techniques.

Accuracy and Attention to Detail : Understanding the necessity and value of accuracy; ability to complete tasks with high levels of precision.

Level Working Knowledge:

  • Accurately gauges the impact and cost of errors, omissions, and oversights.

  • Utilizes specific approaches and tools for checking and cross-checking outputs.

  • Processes limited amounts of detailed information with good accuracy.

  • Learns from mistakes and applies lessons learned.

  • Develops and uses checklists to ensure that information goes out error-free.

Collaborating : Knowledge of collaborative techniques; ability to work with a variety of individuals and groups in a constructive and collaborative manner.

Level Basic Understanding:

  • Demonstrates a basic understanding of the concept of collaborative processes.

  • Explains the concept of collaboration as applicable to organizations.

  • Provides examples of how collaboration has helped achieve organizational goals.

  • Contrasts collaborative with competitive operating styles in organizations.

Flexibility and Adaptability : Knowledge of successful approaches and techniques for dealing with change; ability to adapt to a changing environment and be comfortable with change.

Level Working Knowledge:

  • Adjusts to new or changing assignments, processes, and people.

  • Demonstrates willingness to listen to other opinions.

  • Provides examples of shifting from task to task.

  • Identifies and considers alternative approaches to situations or problems.

  • Accepts new or radical ideas with an open mind; avoids snap reactions.

Problem Solving : Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques for recognizing, anticipating, and resolving organizational, operational or process problems; ability to apply knowledge of problem solving appropriately to diverse situations.

Level Basic Understanding:

  • Explains the value of a disciplined approach to problem solving.

  • Describes problem reporting and escalation practices.

  • Utilizes accepted procedures for problem analysis and resolution.

  • Identifies key aspects of problem-solving techniques used in own area.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) : Knowledge of the concepts, principles and techniques of root cause analysis (RCA); ability to use a structured approach to identify the causes of undesirable consequences in a manufacturing environment and the changes needed to prevent recurrences.

Level Working Knowledge:

  • Utilizes RCA techniques, such as Flowchart, Fish-bone Diagram, etc., to investigate basic problems, determine the causes, and find resolutions.

  • Locates factors that resulted in harmful outcomes of one or more past events.

  • Pinpoints behaviors, actions, inaction, or conditions that need to be changed.

  • Extrapolates lessons to be learned to promote the achievement of better consequences.

  • Practices RCA as an iterative process.

What You Have:

  • University degree preferably in Engineering or related field.

  • Quality experience.

  • This position requires Advanced English

  • Must have a proven track record of processes and achievements at lower levels.

  • Must demonstrate initiative, leadership, good judgment, and superior communication skills.

  • Interaction skills with external customers are required to resolve opportunities for complaints, PPAPs and quality improvements.

  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and human relations skills are also needed.

Additional Requirements:

  • Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing

  • This position will be in Monterrey.

  • <20% of working time will be travel

  • Work from Monday to Saturday

The Caterpillar Code of Conduct states that we will select, and place employees based on their qualifications for the job to be performed, without regard to race, religion, national origin, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability. In this company we do not request pregnancy tests, nor HIV tests as requirements for employment entry, permanence, or promotion.

Final details

Please frequently check the email associated with your application, including the junk/spam folder, as this is the primary correspondence method. If you wish to know the status of your application – please use the candidate log-in on our career website as it will reflect any updates to your status.

Posting Dates:

julio 10, 2024 - julio 21, 2024

Caterpillar is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO).

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