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State of Arizona, DES HR EXAMINER TECHNICIAN 2 Job ID 526622 in Phoenix, Arizona

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  • Review documents/applications received from local offices and potential clients to ensure they are completed, date stamped, researched in FAAs automated system, OnBase, Arizona Technical Eligibility Computer System (AZTECS) and/or Health-E-Arizona plus (HEAplus); register for appropriate program(s); index appropriate screens into FAAs Document Management System, OnBase, AZTECS and/or HEAplus or prepare for scanning, and place in appropriate system.
  • Upload documents into FAAs Document Management System (OnBase) via computer terminal or MFP. Validate all documents that are scanned, re-index documents scanned to the incorrect eligibility type.
  • Set alerts and index Arizona Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) notices. Upload change reports, correct address in system and document Case Documentation (CADO). Indicate any changes to the clients households as indicated on the Mid Approval Contact form. Submit a client request for appeals through HEAplus or send the case to Office of Inspector General (OIG) for review.
  • Pick-up return mail, open, date stamp, sort, prepare, research FAAs automated system (OnBase), AZTECS and/or HEAplus, prepare documents for scanning, set alerts and/or send emails if appropriate. Ensure all documents are translated to English. Ensure all documents sent over by other agencies are reviewed thoroughly and are disseminated to the appropriate queues. Answer the telephone, screen the calls, and refer to the appropriate person and/or office following administration and office/unit guidelines, may require translation services or bilingual speaking staff.
  • May serve as a lead to monitor or assist with monitoring of schedules, workflow, assists with educating staff on work functions, gather and compile data and submit reports accurately and timely. Based on the queues worked, may require separating and uploading documents to the correct document type(s) and/or case(s). Requires research of OnBase, HEAplus and AZTECS.