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EMCOR Group Lead Operating Engineer - Union in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


About Us:

Fluidics Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EMCOR Group, Inc. EMCOR is the world’s leading provider of mechanical and electrical construction and facilities services, including planning, consulting, and operations and maintenance. Since Fluidics was founded in 1968, a lot has changed in the mechanical contracting industry, including our company. We have acquired the most technologically and physically advanced resources available to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Job Title: --Lead Operating Engineer - Union

Job Summary: --

Responsible for operation, replacement, repair and maintenance of building related mechanical, electrical, control systems, plumbing, air handling units, pumps, heat exchangers, expansion joints, and other building mechanical systems. Work involves the lifting of heavy mechanical equipment and apparatus, may be performed in areas of extreme heat or cold. Receives and responds to service calls, takes immediate action to resolve emergency situations or system breakdowns. Oversees assigned utility mechanics, routine and preventive maintenance work.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: --

  • Operation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of all related mechanical, electrical, control systems, air handling units, pumps, motors, heat exchangers, and expansion joints.

  • Install electrical circuits

  • Repair all restroom fixtures, sweat/braze copper pipe, thread black pipe

  • Drain & “safe off” systems to facilitate repairs.

  • Perform minor carpentry tasks, replace ceiling tiles, repair or replace door hardware, locks, panic bars etc.

  • Perform minor electrical tasks to include bulb and ballast replacement.

  • Clean coils in air handling units and convectors to maintain optimum heat exchange.

  • Assemble, install, repair, and maintain chilled and hot water systems.

  • Routine operation and inspection of emergency generator and associated components.

  • Requisition necessary material to complete required repairs.

  • Routine and preventive maintenance duties including filter changes, lubrication, control and performance check. Replace bearings, motors, and dampers.

  • Inspect mechanical, electrical systems, trace electrical circuits, operate switchgear, record inspections, and write reports to Supervisors.

  • Perform any additional duties on an as “required” basis where such duties are within the scope of contractual obligations.

Qualifications: --

  • Required Mechanical Trades or Trade School certification in location applicable disciplines i.e. HVAC, Electrical, Hydraulics, Plumbing.

  • Minimum of five (5) years experience in the operation of central plant equipment, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and/or electronic systems.

  • Experience & proven ability to repair building electrical, plumbing, & HVAC auxiliary systems

  • Experience & proven ability to safely secure hydronic and electrical systems for maintenance

  • Experience & proven ability to Braze/Solder copper pie, thread black pipe

  • Basic carpentry skills.

  • Strong knowledge of operation of building auxiliary systems i.e. fire-life safety, stand by emergency generators

  • Familiarity of general building systems i.e. vertical lift equipment, overhead doors.

  • Valid driver’s license as required to drive any vehicles which may be assigned.

  • Strong knowledge of safe work practices and procedures typical for maintenance operations

  • Ability to safely wear a respirator, climb ladders, enter confined spaces, lift heavy objects and perform other physically demanding tasks

  • Safely and skillfully use all types of related hand and power tools

Benefits: Local 835

We offer our employees a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package and are always looking for individuals with the talent and skills required to contribute to our continued growth and success. Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled.