Job Information

Memorial Health Care Center Medical Receptionist in Owosso, Michigan


Responsible for all aspects of checking patient in and/or out, making follow-up appointments, referrals, and processing financial transactions. Responsible for completion and accuracy of patient computer data and collections. Responsible for any day-to-day secretarial and receptionist responsibilities.



High School diploma and/or higher education level required.


A minimum of one (1) year experience working in a provider’s office as a receptionist or medical assistant with administrative responsibilities.


Understanding of provider office operations. Effective verbal and written communication skills.


  1. Open up office, unlocking doors, turning on all equipment, etc.

  2. Disconnect answering service. Obtain and facilitate any messages from the service.

  3. Answer telephone within a timely manner.

  4. Take messages. Give to appropriate person within 30 minutes of message. Pull and attach patient chart if needed.

  5. Pull all established patient charts and prepare new patient charts for the next day’s scheduled patients. All charts to have printed superbill attached and all

related paperwork to be filed in patient chart. To be completed by the end of day prior to the next day scheduled patients. Call and confirm all of the next day’s

patients by the end of the prior workday. Inform them of their outstanding balances and co-payment.

  1. Greet all patients and vendors in a friendly and professional manner.

  2. Patients signed in for their appointment are acknowledged for demographic and insurance changes. Update patient information changes into computer before

patient check out with check out receptionist.

  1. Verify, obtain, and update any needed insurance authorization making sure that patients are not seen without an authorization.

  2. Schedule patient appointments.

  3. Maintain cleanliness of waiting room. Cleaning and pick up a minimum of two (2) times per day. Updating and entering cleaning needs in the cleaning

service maintenance book.

  1. Verify and update daily transactions in computer by end of same day.

  2. Balance out Visa/Mastercard terminal by end of work day.

  3. Log and maintain all patient referrals in referral log book.

  4. Monitor, maintain, and order all office supplies. Place all orders via MMA operating instructions.

  5. Maintain provider’s meeting schedule and days off in the computer.

  6. Facilitate all daily office mail. Take mail to and from the mail box. Open and stamp date all mail. Pull chart and attach patient related mail. Give to

appropriate person.

  1. Monitor, maintain, and order all office postage stamp supply.

  2. Filing-all filing to be completed by end of day.

  3. Faxing, photocopying, process release of medical records.

  4. Maintain, balance, and request replenish of office petty cash.

  5. Facilitate in-patient billing and send to billing department.

  6. Work scheduled hours as assigned by Operation Manager utilizing time and attendance to maintain worked hours for payroll system.

  7. Any other responsibilities as assigned by the Practice Manager, Provider, and /or MMA or Memorial Medical Healthcare (MH) Administration.

  8. Demonstrates knowledge of and supports of MH mission, vision, and value statements, standards, policies, procedures, operating instructions, confidentiality

statements, corporate compliance plan, and the code of ethical behavior.