Job Information

AutoZone, Inc. Permits and Licences Specialist in Monterrey, Mexico

Job Title Permits Analyst

Position Purpose Senior Analyst- Ensures renewal of all permits and licenses required to operate opened Autozone stores, in time and matter to avoid fines and closures. Encourages FCPA conduct with vendors and consultants.

Primary Accountabilities • Ensures the Permit for the Operation of the open Stores in Region. • Follows up on every city inspection in order to solve any notification caused by incident • Process payments and manages cash-flow according budget • Renew the Permits according to law, in case of reform is responsible of Compliance with new law • Communicates and calculates the risk of all Region • Audit all stores to assure the permit folder is complete in time and matter • Creates the adequate relationships in all 3 branches of government

Education & Experience Level of Formal Education: A Bachelor's degree (BA, BS) or equivalent. Area of Study: Legal sciences / Public Accountants / Management Years of Experience: Three to five years. Type of Experience: Knowledge in permits and licenses required for the operation of business. Other/Preferred: English speaker