Job Information

EDM AMERICAS, INC. Prep Position in Millville, New Jersey

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES List the jobs essential or most important functions and responsibilities. Note: tasks listed should be measurable so they may be linked to a performance evaluation. Include any important aspects of the job whether performed daily, .weekly, monthly, or annually and any that occur at irregular intervals. Continue this list on another sheet if necessary.

Perform document and form type identification
Perform manual sorting and separating of documents
Remove staples from documents
Mend paper tears
Make photocopies
Maintain proficient knowledge of assigned processes
Recognize and report problems and issues typical to a given process
Train or assist other associates on aspects of processing
Keep work station clean and organized
Maintain departmental efficiency standards relating to volumes and service levels
Interact with other team members as necessary to accomplish goals
Must strictly follow workflow process and chain of command
Performs all other duties as assigned by management