Job Information

Northwell Health Oncology Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Manhasset, New York

Req Number 57875

Job Description

Job Description

Implements, coordinates, and evaluates all clinical Oncology Pharmacy services. Assists and directs Medication Usage Evaluations, collaborates with the medical staff, and establishes criteria for the safe, effective and appropriate use of medication.

Job Responsibility

  • Develops and monitors the hospital's policies/procedures regarding utilization of medications in collaboration with the medical staff, Pharmacy, and Therapeutics Committee; monitors medication utilization effectively and intervenes when necessary to ensure compliance.

  • Monitors pharmacists activities regarding utilization surveillance and provides instruction/education as necessary; maintains necessary and appropriate records regarding the effectiveness of these drug therapy regimens and provides information as required.

  • Ensures the safe and effective use of medication; guides staff in the provision of clinical services.

  • Provides necessary, requested information to management for consideration in the staff's performance appraisals; collaboratively, coordinates/implements educational training and competency programs for the staff and pharmacy students.

  • Provides educational programs for health care staff regarding medication use; provides training as measured by the success of the staff to accomplish identified goals and improve patient care; incorporates professional concerns into the program.

  • Coordinates activities with the assigned student preceptor and monitors the student's activities and evaluates performance; initiates and implements programs.

  • Coordinates and participates in the development of the hospital's Formulary and related activities; contributes to the Formulary review process.

  • Initiates/coordinates MUEs for P&T presentation; discusses findings.

  • Performs all duties of a licensed registered Pharmacist as required by the leadership and as identified by the ability of the department to effectively provide comprehensive service; maintains compliance with established procedures, policies, and laws in performing the duties of a licensed, registered staff pharmacist.

  • Performs related duties as required. All responsibilities noted here are considered essential functions of the job under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Duties not mentioned here, but considered related are not essential functions.

Job Qualification

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy with 1 year internship required, or equivalent combination of education and related experience.

  • Current License to practice as a Pharmacist in New York State required, plus specialized certifications as needed.

  • 1-3 years of technical experience, required.

  • Minimum 3 years of Clinical Oncology experience highly preferred.