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Wal Mart Service Desk Associate in Lunenburg, Massachusetts

What Does a Walmart Customer Service Associate Do? A customer service associate at Walmart is responsible for dealing with complaints and compliments from customers. The job description of the customer service associate at Walmart entails returning merchandise to their positions on the shelf, accepting exchange and returns of merchandise, making refund of money to customers, and ensuring that balance of cash is maintained. The activation of phone cards and gift cards are also part of the duties of a Walmart customer service associate. He/she also handles all requests made for money orders. For an organization like Walmart with 10,800 stores in 27 countries across the world, the enormous increase and growth can largely be attributed to the various roles which customer service associates play in the company. They ensure high degree of customer satisfaction, which is important to the growth of retail stores generally. The success of retail stores is largely dependent on the ability to keep the customer coming back. In achieving this very important aim, retail stores in quest for customer satisfaction hire customer service associates. The Walmart customer service associates are therefore responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of customers in their patronage of the store.