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Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Safety Inspector (Operations) (FAA Safety Team Program Manager - Flight Program) in Linthicum Heights, Maryland

Summary The incumbent is responsible for justifying and recommending new or amended aviation safety procedures, managing, establishing, implementing, and coordinating the operations portion of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team (FAASTeam) program primarily within assigned field office geographic area but may provide FAASTeam program support outside assigned field offices area as directed. Responsibilities The incumbent responsibilities must align with the National FAASTeam Annual Performance Plan (NPP) to accomplish the National Program Guidance (NPG) with respect to aviation education. Aviation safety education is an integral part of meeting the FAA’s statutory obligation to promote aviation safety. The FAA provides aviation education and guidance to all segments of the aviation community. Aviation education targets the General Aviation (GA) community and serves an important human factors role in the FAA relationship with the flying public. Manages policies, standards, programs, and procedures for aviation and commercial operations. Establishes collaborative relationships with external aviation organizations to address safety issues and seeks innovative mitigation strategies of such issues. Analyzes safety issues and seeks a wide range of regulatory and non-regulatory responses to ensure rapid adoption of remedies to aviation safety concerns. Responsible and accountable for representing the FAA in coordinating system safety programs such as safety assurance, safety promotion, and risk management activities within the aviation environment. Interfaces include certificated airmen, air carriers, air agencies, air operators, general aviation organizations, designees, the general public and airport organizations. Participates with industry, internal and external work groups, and teams to address specific safety concerns and aviation issues. Develops guidance and associated products to implement policies addressing safety and related aviation requirements. As directed, represents the FAA in meetings with foreign Civil Aviation Authorities to collaborate on best practices to enhance aviation safety. Works with Safety Officers of foreign air carriers to increase global aviation safety. Develops partnerships with officials of international aviation organizations in each segment of aviation such as ultralights, agricultural, emergency medical services, offshore helicopter operations, air tours, etc. Manages aviation safety procedures, local initiatives, and supports national products. Determines appropriate goals and objectives for the airworthiness portion of the aviation safety program in coordination with national FAASTeam guidance. Implements and manages comprehensive safety action plans and programs by utilizing FAASTeam Representative Volunteers. Provides technical assistance to other national and international aviation safety organizations and maintains close liaison with those external national and international aviation organizations, certificated airmen, air carriers, air agencies, air operators, general aviation organizations, designees and airport organizations, to identify and resolve potential safety problems and establish safety programs. Supports the national FAASTeam Policy Division(s) in FAA-wide and community aviation education programs. Responsible for the promotion and education of regulatory compliance in safety related areas. Analyzes investigative data, develops recommendations, and keeps management informed of the status of identified hazards and the safety program. Supports management in decisions regarding the safety program. Participates and/or serves as an advisor in joint FAA-industry meetings, steering committees, and other workgroups. Plans assigned program to meet goals and develops budget estimates for quarterly and annual projections. Manages, recruits, trains, and supports a diverse team of volunteer FAASTeam Representatives to meet identified goals and objectives. Participates in the FAA flight program to maintain qualification and currency requirements applicable to operations inspectors, for the purpose of supporting the FAA in a variety of flight-related functions to include training and evaluation of designated pilot examiners. Performs other duties as assigned. Requirements Conditions of Employment We are not accepting applications from noncitizens. Qualifications You must meet the minimum qualification requirements for an Aviation Safety Inspector in the 1825 series as outlined below: General Requirements for All Positions: Not more than two separate incidents involving Federal aviation regulations violations in the last 5 years; Valid State driver's license; Fluency in the English language; No chemical dependencies or drug abuse that could interfere with job performance; and High school diploma or equivalent. Aviation Safety Inspector positions have job-related medical requirements. When applicable, applicants must meet job-related medical requirements which will be assessed and validated during the pre-employment process. These medical requirements include: Medical Requirements: Applicants must be physically able to perform the duties of the Aviation Safety Inspector position in a safe and efficient manner, with or without a reasonable accommodation. The minimum medical requirements include the following requirements: Have good distant vision in each eye and be able to read, without strain, printed materials the size of typewritten characters (glasses and contact lenses permitted); Have the ability to hear the conversational voice (hearing aid permitted); and Not have any physical condition that would cause them to be a hazard to themselves or others that would interfere with their ability to fly as passengers in a variety of aircraft. In addition, applicants for positions that require participation in the operation of the aircraft must: Possess a valid second – class medical certificate in accordance with FAA regulations; and Pass recurrent medical examinations as prescribed by the FAA. Tentatively selected applicants not requiring valid second-class medical certificates will be required to: Provide documentation from a board-certified physician certifying that they meet the minimal medical requirements; or Individuals who do not meet the minimum medical requirements, but who are otherwise qualified will receive an individualized assessment to determine whether they can perform the essential functions of the position. When the predominant work involves general aviation operations, applicants for Aviation Safety Inspector (Operations) positions must meet all of the following requirements. Valid, unexpired Flight Instructor Certificate with single and multi-engine airplane and instrument airplane ratings. Must have given a minimum of 200 hours of flight instruction in an aircraft. Professional flying skill as demonstrated in a flight check to Commercial Pilot Certificate with an instrument rating; Possession of Airline Transport Pilot Certificate or Commercial Pilot Certificate with instrument airplane rating. Minimum of 100 flight hours within the last 3 years. Minimum of 1,500 total flight hours. Possession of single and multi-engine land airplane ratings. Not more than 2 flying accidents in the last 5 years in which the applicant's pilot error was involved. Possession of a valid second-class FAA medical certificate. In addition to meeting the minimum qualification requirements, applicants must have at least 52 weeks of specialized experience equivalent to the FG/GS-13 level. Specialized experience is: assisting, conducting or performing various technical functions related to certification, surveillance, investigation and compliance recommendation of operational activities for FAR Part 135 air carriers/air operators. For Lateral Movements Between 1825 Specialties: To assist in determining qualification requirements, applicants transferring between specialties at the same grade level are strongly encouraged to complete the appropriate Qualifications Assessment Tool (QAT) check sheet and upload it along with their resume. Check sheets are contained in Order 3410.26, Flight Standards Service Air Carrier and General Aviation Qualifications Assessment Tool for AFS Aviation Safety Inspectors. This order is located at: . Qualifications must be met by the closing date of this vacancy announcement. Recency of specialized experience is waived for current and former FAA employees in the 1825 series. Education Education is not qualifying and may not be substituted for this position. Additional Information We may use this vacancy to fill other similar vacant positions. Position may be subject to a background investigation. A one-year probationary period may be required. The person selected for this position may be required to file a financial disclosure statement within 30 days of entry on duty. FAA policy limits certain outside employment and financial investments in aviation-related companies. The U.S. Department of Transportation strives to ensure that equity, transparency, accountability, collaboration, and communication permeate all that we do for the betterment of the Department, the traveling public, and our nation. As such, DOT values a highly diverse workforce of persons who promote a culture of belonging by respecting the personal dignity and worth of each individual and fostering a positive environment where all feel safe and welcome. If these commitments coincide with your personal ideals and professional aspirations, please consider joining the DOT family. This position is covered by the Department of Transportation's Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. Any applicant tentatively selected for this position will be subject to pre-employment or pre-appointment drug screening. Persons occupying a "testing designated position (TDP)" will be subject to random drug and/or alcohol testing. As a part of the Federal-Wide Hiring Reform Initiative (streamlining the hiring process), the FAA is committed to eliminating the use of the Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA) narratives from the initial application in the hiring process for all announcements. Therefore, as an applicant for this announcement, you are NOT required to provide a narrative response in the text box listed below each KSA. In lieu of providing a KSA narrative response in the text box listed below each KSA, in your work history, please include information that provides specific examples of how you meet the response level or answer you chose for each KSA. Your work history examples should be specific and clearly reflect the highest level of ability. Your KSA answers will be evaluated further to validate whether the level that you selected is appropriate based on the work history and experience you provided. Your answers may be adjusted by a Human Resource Specialist as appropriate. Eligible applicants meeting the minimum qualification requirements and selective factor(s), if applicable, may be further evaluated on the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) listed in the announcement. Based on this evaluation, applicants will be placed in alphabetical order and referred to the selecting official for consideration. Security Requirements: Moderate (5): This position requires completion & favorable adjudication of a Tier 2 (T2) background investigation prior to appointment, unless a waiver is obtained and approved. This is a bargaining unit position. This position is represented by PASS: Flight Standards Services. Links to Important Information: Locality Pay , COLA