Job Information

IHG Housekeeping clerk 客房文员 in Lingshui, China

Housekeeping clerk 客房文员

Hotel Brand: Holiday Inn

Location: Mainland China, Hainan, Lingshui

Hotel: Holiday Inn Resort Hainan Clear Water Bay

Job number: HOTEL36549


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About Us

Offer telephone service according with hotel's image, receiving and forwarding of all information pertaining to the department. Take responsibility for all the typing and filing of department documents. Manage guest centre belongings. 提供符合酒店形象标准的电话服务,接收和转达所有与部门相关的信息。负责所有客房部的打字和文件归档工作。管理好服务中心的所属物资。 • Use office supplies properly. • 控制好日常办公用品的用量。 • Assist storekeeper to control and manage department cost. • 协助仓管做好部门的成本控制及管理。 • Receive, record, and transmit information related to department accurately. • 准确、完整的接听和转达所有与部门相关的信息。 • Support the work of staff so as to ensure they deliver high-quality service to guests. • 支持员工的工作,使他们尽可能长期地向客人提供最高水平的服务。 • Maintain good relations with department staff and other departments. • 与本部门员工以及其他相关部门保持良好的关系。 • Receive, record, and transmit guest requests accurately. • 准确接听、完整记录并传达客人的要求。 • Report guests’ complaints to Exe. Housekeeper or his/her agent. • 及时向行政管家或其代理人汇报客人的投诉情况。 • Attend meetings and trainings as required. • 按要求参加会议和培训活动。 • Improve yourself to be a versatile talent mastering housekeeping skills and other business skills. • 成为掌握客房服务员和客房部其它业务领域工作技能的复合型人才。 • Adhere to Housekeeping standards and procedures. • 遵守并执行客房部的规范和工作程序。 • Maintain good relations with staff and other related departments, especially front office and engineering department. • 与客房部员工以及其他关联部门,特别是前厅部和工程部保持良好的关系。

Your day to day

• High school or above. • 大专或以上学历,英语专业毕业或有相关工作经验者优先。 • With ability to speak, read and write in English. • 具有说、读和写英语的能力。 • Proficiency in Microsoft Office. • 熟悉常用办公软件。 • Adequate communication skills and coordination ability. • 具有良好的沟通技巧与组织协调能力。