Logistic Services International Finish Painter II in Jacksonville, Florida

Description:Job Summary: Responsible for prep, touch-up, and final finishes on all production projects utilizing paints, enamels, lacquers, and other protective coatings.Essential Job Functions:ii Prepare various surfaces for application of primer and final finish coatings utilizing manual and power sanding and brushing equipment and products.i Operate a spray painter to apply industrial paint finishes and other coatings on metal products.i Apply final finish paint that passes texture, finish, coverage, and smoothness requirements.i Apply corrosive protective coatings on aluminum and steel structures and components.i Mix, blend, and match various primers, paints, and coatings as required.i Read and interpret technical manuals, technical specifications, engineering drawings, and other specifications on precisely how a product is to be primed, painted, and/or coated.i Mechanically or chemically cleans/strips corrosion, rust, old paint, and other finishes from product to be painted.i Utilize Material Safety Data Sheets to ensure compliance with potential hazardous material requirements for handling and storage of paint and other materials.i Apply stenciling and marking of all products in accordance with appropriate manuals, engineering drawings, and specifications.i Maintain inventory of all products used in the preparation and coating application process to include cleaners, tape, sanding discs, primers, paints and coatings. Submits orders for all materials used in the paint area in a timely manner so that schedules are not impacted due to lack of material.i Utilize personal protective equipment such as respirators, gloves, eye protection, and tyvek suits, during the preparation and application process.i Must be capable of safely handling government furnished equipment and materials.i Must be available to work a standard weekly schedule with overtime as required.i Performs other duties as required.Qualifications:Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:ii Requires expert comprehension in reading and interpreting engineering drawings, technical manuals, and specifications. i In-depth knowledge of computer software programs for the making of various sizes of stencils required for marking of completed products. i Requires extensive knowledge of proper application of corrosive protective coatings, primers, paints, and other coatings to include lacquers, enamels, epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, etc. i Advanced Knowledge of paint spray guns, mixers, and other tools required for the surface preparation and application processes. i Must possess the ability and attention to detail required in the application of 'final finish' coatings to the highest of quality standards on assemblies and subassemblies. i In-depth knowledge of cure/drying times for coatings and paint applications. i Knowledge and training in the use of respirators.Education and Experience: i High School diploma or equivalent required.i Minimum five (5) years of experience in the field or equivalent work related experience.iOther Job Information:N/A