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State of Montana AmeriCorps, Volunteer and Interpretation Services Program Manager in Helena, Montana

/THEOUTSIDEIS IN US ALL./ Please remember to attach the required documentsCover Letter and Resumelisted in this announcement.Applications missing the requested documents will be considered incomplete and may not progress further in the process.Documents not requested will not be considered in the recruitment process. The State Application is not a substitute for a Resume.This position closes at 11:59 PM Mountain Time on June 28, 2024. You must apply through the State of Montana Career site. Special Information: Identity of applicants who become finalists may be released to the public if the Department deems it necessary. Employees who exceed 1,040 hours in a calendar year are also provided health, dental and life insurance. Other benefits include retirement, paid vacation, sick and holidays. This position may be covered by a VEBA (Voluntary EmployeeBeneficiaryAssociation). A successful applicant will be subject to a background investigation. Women and minorities are under-represented in this job category and are encouraged to apply. Thispositionworksinaprofessional officeenvironment withregular pressuretomeetimportantdeadlines.Physicaldemandsareminimal;however, there are long periodsoftelephoneand computeruse whilesittingin aconfinedposition,particularlyduringperiodswhenthere aretight deadlines. Stressfulsituationsmayresultfrompreciseinterpretationofrulesandregulationswhichmayhaveimplicationsformembers.Thispositionalsorequiresovernighttravelapproximately15-20%ofthetimewhichmayrequiretimeinadverseenvironmentalconditions.Occasionaleveningandweekendworkmayrequireagreaterthan40-hourworkweek.Mustbeabletoliftandmoveobjectsweighingupto35pounds. M-F8AM-5PM withoccasionally eveningand weekend work. Job Duties (narrative summary): This position leads the agency’s AmeriCorps grant administration process and plays an active role in AmeriCorps program policymaking, programming, and operations. Key job responsibilities are to help develop and make recommendations to the position supervisor and Division Administrator regarding policies, direction, and the framework from which to operate the interpretation services, Americorps, and recreational site volunteer programs while performing day to day functions to maintain and support them. AmeriCorps Program Administration and Implementation /Program Development and Grant Writing/ · Leads and administers the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Resource Corps (MFWPRC) program grants. · Devises methods, procedures, and policies for the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks AmeriCorps program. · Leads the AmeriCorps grant writing process. /Program Management & Administration/ * Serves as the AmeriCorps Program Director and the Division liaison with the Governor’s Office of Community Service for FWP’s AmeriCorps programs. * Provides direct supervision and administers all aspects of human resource management for a full-time AmeriCorps program specialist. * Understands applicable federal program requirements; and devises methods to implement internal program monitoring to ensure compliance. * Monitors program effectiveness and implements changes to improve overall efficiency. /Reporting/ · Assures that reports, data, and program outcomes are tracked and submitted by required federal and state deadlines. · Assembles and analyzes information and data and prepares responses for legislative and AmeriCorps audits related to the AmeriCorps program. · Designs, compiles, and writes the annual state parks AmeriCorps program report. Provides briefings to position supervisor and Division Administrator on significant findings.__ _ _ AmeriCorps Program Implementation · Participates in the AmeriCorps hiring process as needed in terms of screening, interviewing, and matching AmeriCorps applicants with agency and host site needs. · Leads and organizes the scoring process for the AmeriCorps Request for Proposals from site managers for member placements. · Communicates program objectives and opportunities to field staff through training, newsletters, staff meetings, and periodic updates. · Develops and implements methods to recruit, retain, and recognize AmeriCorps members. · Coordinates with the Human Resources office to ensure compliance with National Service Criminal History Checks for all AmeriCorps members. · Participates in member onboarding and maintains members’ files in compliance with Federal regulations and security to keep Personal Identifying Information confidential. · Develops educational, training, and orientation policies, programs, and materials for the AmeriCorps program as needed. · Conducts AmeriCorps Member orientations and training sessions as needed. · Participates as needed in AmeriCorps annual performance evaluations and site visits. · Manages the AmeriCorps budget to ensure efficient spending and monitoring of expenditures. · Writes quarterly grant progress reports to be submitted to the Governor’s Office of Community Service. · Helps facilitate progressive disciplinary actions which may be required for members, maintains documentation, and recommends disciplinary actions to be taken to immediate supervisor for consideration. · Assists as needed with the development of AmeriCorps led service-learning projects with communities, public schools, home schools, colleges, and universities. · Ensures that AmeriCorps member service terms are consistent with AmeriCorps’ dual service mission objectives. · Leads the development and implementation of division polices and administrative guidelines that govern field operations. · Administers and reconciles assigned fiscal budgets. · Identifies and recommends innovative practices and solutions to address a variety of Division issues, policies, and best practices. Interpretive & Educational Services Coordination & Administration Program Development and Planning · Monitors and catalogues status and condition of statewide inventory of interpretive exhibits, displays, and equipment. · Assembles and analyzes information and data and prepares responses for inquiries related to educational and interpretive services and programs. · Prepares and updates the division's Interpretive and Educational Services Plan and devises methods and procedures to implement the plan. · Establishes policies, priorities and deadlines for the interpretive and educational section of long and intermediate range strategic planning efforts within the Division and individual parks. Interpretive Program Implementation and Training · Monitors and implements trends and best practices associated with education and interpretation and for initiatives related to encouraging youth to experience nature, culture, history and outdoor recreation. · Supports field implementation of the educational and interpretive component of park management plans. · Initiates and manages RFP and contracts for interpretive services when needed. · Provides technical assistance and monitoring of field staff regarding progress and performance related to educational and interpretive services, programming, and related matters. · Monitors the quality and quantity of state park educational and interpretive programs and services on an on-going basis using performance measures and other planning and management tools, to determine if changes in process or priority are required. * Program Management, Administration and Reporting* · Develops processes and proposes budgets and deadlines for completion of interpretive display, exhibit, and media projects. · Reviews and implements division capital improvement program for interpretive displays, exhibits, or museum projects, including developing division policies, procedures and practices for the initiation of projects, including project solicitation, prioritization, funding source determination, and contract specifications. · Represents division on contract negotiations related to interpretive exhibit and media design and development, hiring of consultants, and multi-party or agency agreements or memorandums of understanding. · Reviews state park brochures, printed media, audio-visual productions, and website for appropriate interpretive content and technique. · Designs, compiles, and writes annual state parks interpretive and educational services report. Briefs position supervisor and Division Administrator on significant findings. Volunteer Program Coordination & Administration /Program Planning/ · Develops priorities and deadlines for the volunteer management sections of strategic planning efforts within the Division and individual parks. /Field Staff Assistance/ · Maintains and updates the Division’s “Volunteer Program Handbook” in direct coordination with HR Unit staff · Monitors the effectiveness of the volunteer program on an ongoing basis to determine if changes in process or priority are required. · Develops methods for and assists sites and regions in advertising and recruiting volunteer positions and in developing effective volunteer and docent programs. · Coordinates and assists in the recruitment, placement and recognition of site host volunteers. Program Planning and Development * * · Communicates with regional and site managers to identify priorities for AmeriCorps, Volunteer and Interpretation and Education projects, programs, and opportunities. · Identifies training needs, develops and coordinates training and standards, and provides technical assistance to and mentors parks and regional field staff regarding implementation of programs. · Identifies and develops strategies to work with the appropriate individuals and stakeholders, special interest groups, community organizations, and public and private agencies that may be helpful in AmeriCorps, Volunteer and Interp/Ed program planning and development. · Assists with the development of methods to solicit input and use communication networks to keep abreast of operational needs and establish viable connections between these needs and the objectives of the AmeriCorps, Volunteer and Interp/Ed programs. · Develops the program budget that is consistent with program guidelines and requirements. · Develops systems that will effectively gather feedback from AmeriCorps members, volunteers, and field staff and uses the information gained to improve the programs. · Develops coaching and mentoring strategies that will benefit program participants. _Minimum Qualifications:_ The knowledge skills and abilities are typically acquired through a combination of education and experience equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Public Administration, Recreation Management, Social Work, Sociology, Liberal Arts, Education, Natural Resources, and 2 years of related work experience. Experience with AmeriCorps programs, volunteer program management, education and interpretation programs, and grant writing is preferred.Certification in one or more of the following is desirable but not required: Certified Interpretive Guide, Certified Interpretive Trainer, Certified Interpretive Planner, Certified Volunteer Administrator. Other combinations of education and experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Title: AmeriCorps, Volunteer and Interpretation Services Program Manager Location: Helena Requisition ID: 24141711