Job Information

Edward-Elmhurst Health Public Safety Telecommunicator - Day in Elmhurst, Illinois

Under general supervision, the Public Safety Telecommunicator performs radio and communications work in the communications division of the Public Safety Department on an assigned shift. Work involves receiving all emergency and non-emergency incoming calls to the Command Center, determining nature and urgency of the calls, dispatching all security personnel and maintaining close contact with all on duty security personnel to monitor response and needed support operations. The Dispatcher must exercise considerable tact and firmness in obtaining information from distressed persons. The Dispatcher must exercise independent judgment and initiative in receiving messages, responding to emergency situations, and dispatching calls. The Telecommunicator reports to the Supervisor, Public Safety.

The Telecommunicator requires a considerable degree of initiative and independent judgment within procedural boundaries in responding to emotional, disturbed and sometimes abusive people in a variety of situations. Work may be done separately or in conjunction with other telecommunicators and they may assist in training, teaching and basic operational equipment management.

The Public Safety Telecommunicator position requires dedicated shift assignments and overtime in accordance with maintaining a fully operational 24 hour facility.

Major Responsibilities: (List job responsibilities in order of priority, i.e., list in order of greatest impact on the organization.)

  • Receives and responds to emergency and non-emergency calls from employees, law enforcement agencies, public, security staff, and other emergency personnel via telephone and radio systems and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems and inputs pertinent data into computer system.

  • Monitors and maintains the Security Management System (SMS) and the security video system.

  • Processes and evaluates information received, prioritizes calls and dispatches required security staff and/or agencies; Questions callers to determine their location, and the nature of their problem, in order to determine type of response needed.

  • Monitors and coordinates security staff activity and assignments via radio systems and CAD systems.

  • Maintains status and locations of on duty security personnel.

  • Monitors alarm systems to detect emergencies such as fires and illegal entry into establishments.

  • Receives inquiries and provides information or refers inquiries or messages to appropriate personnel, departments, or agencies.

  • Creates and maintains automated or manual logs of security staff communications activity.

  • Accesses and enters sensitive data in databases as necessary for investigative purposes.

  • Maintains appropriate security and confidentiality of information created or encountered in the performance of assigned duties.

  • Keeps informed of departmental regulations, policies and procedures.

  • May assist in providing on-the-job training for Public Safety Telecommunicators and submit progress reports and evaluations on trainees.

  • Performs various clerical duties in absence of division clerical worker, as necessary.

  • Scan status charts and computer screens, and contact emergency response field units in order to determine emergency units available for dispatch.

  • Monitor various radio frequencies such as those used by law enforcement, fire and ambulance, and civil defense in order to keep apprised of developing situations.

  • Read and effectively interpret small-scale maps and information from a computer screen in order to determine locations and provide directions.

  • Maintain access to, and security of, highly sensitive materials.

  • Performs other related work as required by supervisor.

Position Qualifications:

Education/Learning Experience

Required: High School Diploma or GED level of education

Work Experience

Required: 1. Minimum one year experience as a telephone operator or equivalent; 2. Any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required
knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job.



Required: 1. To be at least 21 yrs of age by date of hire.

2. Able to type at least 40 wpm. 3. Must be physically able to operate a variety of machinery including various two-way

radios, and communications equipment; and office machines such as computers, typewriters, calculators, facsimile, copiers, etc. Must be able to exert up to 20 pounds of force occasionally and/or a negligible amount of force frequently or constantly to lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects. Sedentary work involves sitting most of the time, but may involve walking or standing for brief periods of time. Walking and standing are required only occasionally and all other sedentary criteria are met. 4. Knowledge of law enforcement terminology and procedures; geography for the city of Elmhurst and the surrounding areas; Knowledge of English language for spelling and proper word usage.

5. Skill in multi-tasking- coordinating simultaneous mental, manual and visual activities;

observing situations analytically and objectively and relaying details accurately; operating a variety of communications equipment effectively; Reading and interpreting maps to determine locations.

6. Ability to meet attendance schedule with dependability and consistency.

Data Conception: Requires the ability to compare and/or judge the readily observable, functional, structural, or compositional characteristics (whether similar to or divergent from obvious standards) of data, people or things.

Interpersonal Communications: Requires the ability of speaking and/or signaling people to convey or exchange information. Includes receiving instructions, assignments and/or directions from superiors.

Language Ability: Requires the ability to read a variety of reports, records, forms, etc. Requires the ability to prepare reports, forms, logs, etc., using prescribed formats. Requires the ability to speak to people with poise, voice control and confidence, including communication over a two-way radio, telephone, and intercoms.

Intelligence: Requires the ability to plan work and develop procedures; to learn and/or evaluate complex information in order to make judgments and decisions. Must be able to make independent judgments in absence of supervision. Must be able to acquire knowledge of topics related to primary occupation.

Verbal Aptitude: Requires the ability to record and deliver information, to explain procedures, to follow oral and written instructions. Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in a variety of technical or professional languages, including legal and medical terminology, and emergency response codes.

Numerical Aptitude: Requires the ability to utilize mathematical formulas. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Form/Spatial Aptitude: Requires the ability to inspect items for proper length, width and shape.

Motor Coordination: Requires the ability to coordinate hands and eyes rapidly and accurately in using office and communications equipment.

Manual Dexterity: Requires the ability to handle a variety of items, office equipment, communications equipment, control knobs, switches, etc. Must have minimal levels of eye/hand/foot coordination.

Color Discrimination: Requires the ability to differentiate between colors and shades of color.

Interpersonal Temperament: Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. Must be adaptable to performing under stress when confronted with emergency situations.

Physical Communication: Requires the ability to talk and/or hear: (talking - expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words; hearing - perceiving nature of sounds by ear). Must be able to communicate via two-way radio, telephone, and intercoms.


Required: 1. Valid State of Illinois Drivers License,(upon hire) 2. This position requires attaining and maintaining certification from the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International (APCO); specifically, APCO’s Public Safety Telecommunicator 1 certification, sixth edition within (12) months of employment.

3. This position requires the satisfactory completion of a Criminal Background

investigation and Driver’s License Check initially as part of pre-employment screening and annually thereafter.