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Cargill Farm Technical Trainee in Chuzhou, China


Are you passionate about animal safety, quality, and analysis? The Farm Technical Trainee plans and performs research activities with the goal of developing new or improved products, processes, or services. This role utilizes a fundamental knowledge of process modeling, statistical analysis, control systems and plant instrumentation, to improve the performance of agriculture-food manufacturing facilities.

你热衷于动物安全、质量和分析吗? Farm Technical Trainee主要的职责是支持新产品的开发以及产品,流程和服务的不断提高等工作,其中包括运用过程建模、统计分析、控制系统和工厂管理系统的基本知识,提高农业食品生产设施的性能。


  • Manage daily operations to ensure protocol requirements.

  • Maintain cleanliness of the animal environment, which includes making all necessary resources available for the proper treatment of animals.

  • Identify, improve and communicate health issues and problems for research.

  • Monitor the condition of animals; evaluates sick and/or injured animals and collects and records relevant data.

  • Coordinate and implement medical care and treatment plans.

  • You will work under general supervision and independently solve moderately complex clerical, administrative, technical or customer support issues while referring more complex problems to a higher-level staff.

  • Other duties as assigned

  • 管理日常运营,确保协议要求的执行。

  • 保持动物环境的清洁,提供一切必要的资源适当地照料动物。

  • 识别、改善和沟通动物健康问题,提供研究支持。

  • 监测动物的健康状况,评估动物的生病或受伤状况,收集和记录相关数据。

  • 协调和执行动物医疗保健和治疗计划。

  • 您将独立地处理复杂的文书、管理、技术或客户支持问题,特别复杂的问题要提交给高级技术人员处理。

  • 其他分配的工作职责。


  • High school diploma, secondary education level or equivalent

  • Basic working knowledge of animal care

  • Minimum of two years of related work experience

  • Other minimum qualifications may apply

  • 高中、中专教育学历或同等经验

  • 基本动物护理知识

  • 最少二年相关工作经验

  • 其他可能适用的最低资格要求

Equal Opportunity Employer, including Disability/Vet.

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